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About me

Hi! I am Yann.

I created this website to share two of my passions, which are respectively... well Programming and Cheese. Even if these two domains can seem at first sight pretty different, they are both universes that I try to discover each day a bit more, and this blog is the perfect way to share what I learn regularly in both fields.

What I'm into

Although my main specialty lies in data engineering and machine learning, I love getting out of my comfort zone and play with other tech stacks.

I value well designed code architectures, this is in my opinion the most critical part of software development. I therefore often read about clean code, design patterns and different object oriented paradigms.

It's this spirit that pushed me to perform a hard switch to the linux kernel, starting on a vanilla ubuntu machine and slowly exploring other distros on VMs. At the moment, I am on arch linux for the didactic approach of building your OS from scratch and the comprehensive wiki. In my previous positions, I often found myself performing regular sysadmin tasks such as setting up ssh clusters, vpns or managing users and permissions on linux servers.

In line with the agile principle that favors working programs over comprehensive documentation, I like delivering usable software. This is why I enjoy occasionally creating small frontend applications in React such as this website to provide an interface to my code. As the saying goes: your code is dead once no one cares about it anymore, as optimized as it might be.

In order to setup efficient backend infrastructures, I taught myself the different cloud computing skills required for my job, which in my sense were missing in my studies. I passed the AWS cloud architect certification to get them recognized, but believe that this website backend represents a more solid evidence of my abilities as one can binge study the theory of some of these online certifications, without actually deploying any infrastructure.

Finally, you might notice from the resources section that I value an optimized workspace and spend quite some time digging for productivity tips in my free time: I closely follow the vscode and tmux projects and new features.

What I plan to do later

In a few years time, my goal is to become a lead software engineer/ technical project manager in a dev team of a few engineers. This would be the ideal tradeoff between having social interactions and staying close to the technical aspect, contributing to the design process and translating business requirements into actual features. But for this, I still need a few years of experience :)

What I'm looking for

The different positions I have assumed in the past years brought me a lot, and let me come up with the following requirements for my next job:

  • Work as part of a team as opposed to being a self-employed developer
  • Not being the most experienced developer in the team
  • Tackling a new framework /programing language with every new job
  • Be around passionate devs that love keeping up to date with the latest technology and having chats about it

I am always curious about new projects! If you are interested in a new software adventure or cheese degustation, don't hesitate to contact me. You can also download my resume or check my linkedin.

Hope to have of your news soon!